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a hybrid of bhcomics's paper scans, provided by freddyfly and DarkMark's fiche scans.
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Issue: #12
Published: July 1941, Price: 0.10 USD, Pages: 68, Editing: Lev Gleason
Color: Full Color Dimensions: Standard Golden Age U.S. Paper Stock: Glossy Cover; Newsprint Interior Binding: Saddle-Stitched Publishing Format: Was Ongoing
Notes: The on-sale date is from the publication date recorded in the Catalog of Copyright Entries, Part 2, Periodicals, 1941, New Series, Vol. 36, No. 3.
 Comic Contents:
Cover (1 page)
Featuring: Daredevil
Credits: Pencils: Don Rico (signed) | Inks: Don Rico (signed) | Letters: typeset
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil [Bart Hill] Captain Battle [Jonathan Hale] (inset) Silver Streak [unknown Taxi Cab Driver] (inset)

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page) Join Captain Battle's Boys' Brigade!
Featuring: Captain Battle's Boys' Brigade
Synopsis: Illustrated promotional advertisement for Captain Battle's Boys' Brigade, the Defenders of American Democracy! Readers are to mail in the attached Boy's Brigade coupon with 10 cents, and they will receive the membership card and official badge in the mail.
Credits: Pencils: Jack Binder | Inks: Jack Binder | Letters: typeset
Characters: Captain Battle [Jonathan Battle]

Comic Story (9 pages) Bargains in Murder
Featuring: Daredevil
Synopsis: The Murder Syndicate gets the job of bumping off the district attorney and succeeds. However, Bart spots the Chopper and eventually rounds him up as well as the chief, Porky Porter, as Daredevil. But a mysterious figure in black and his fellow felons show up at the courtroom, tosses in tear gas, and rescues the two criminals, capturing Daredevil in the process.
Credits: Script: Don Rico (signed) | Pencils: Don Rico (signed) | Inks: Don Rico (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil [Bart Hill] Tonia Saunders (Bart's Fiancee) District Attorney Wayne (death) Judge Harkins (villain) The Murder Syndicate [Porky Porter (chief) Chopper Lane (the Executioner) Mysteriouis Figure In Black] (villains, Introduction For All) Slug (villain) Eric Sinhart ? (villain)

Comic Story (6 pages) The Treasure Hunters
Featuring: Dickie Dean The Boy Inventor
Synopsis: Dickie and Zip are on summer vacation from school and decide to visit Zip's fisherman Uncle Tod, who can't understand why the fish have been dying......fish he needs to catch for a living. Dickie turns the Sky-Sub into a walking submarine, and he and Zip go underwater to investigate. They find the reason why the fish are dying and spot the mast of an old treasure ship......a ship that one of Uncle Tod's rivals is interested in.
Credits: Script: Dick Briefer ? | Pencils: Dick Briefer ? | Inks: Dick Briefer ?
Genre: Adventure
Characters: Dickie Dean Zip Todd Tod (Zip's Uncle) Cranky Andy (villain, Death) Andy's Gang (villains)

Comic Story (8 pages) The Race against Death --
Featuring: Silver Streak and Mercury, the Boy Speed King
Synopsis: The Streak and Mercury head to China to help save the imperiled village of San Cho from the enemy invaders.
Credits: Script: Rex Richards ? | Pencils: Rex Richards (signed) | Inks: Rex Richards (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Silver Streak [an Unknown Taxi Cab Driver] Mercury The Invaders (villains, Many Die)

Activity (1 page)
Featuring: Can You Solve These?
Synopsis: Various illustrated activities for the readers to solve include a animal cross-word puzzle, the dwarf's problem, and two brain teasers. The solution to all of these is provided.
Credits: Script: David B. Icove | Pencils: David B. Icove | Inks: David B. Icove
Characters: Joe Leo Eddy

Activity (1 page)
Featuring: Can You Answer These?
Synopsis: Readers are asked to take a Quick Quiz of six questions, plus find the answers to nine illustrated posers, such as: what makes a baseball curve, what state has more than 10,000 lakes, and so on. Answers are provided.
Credits: Script: David B. Icove | Pencils: David B. Icove | Inks: David B. Icove

Comic Story (5 pages) The Forbidden Valley of Ka-Zor
Featuring: Lance Hale
Synopsis: Lance decides to explore the forbidden Valley of Ka-Zor, surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs, and never explored by man. There he meets a cave-man and his family, saving them from various prehistoric creatures.
Credits: Script: Fred Guardineer (signed) | Pencils: Fred Guardineer (signed) | Inks: Fred Guardineer (signed) | Letters: Fred Guardineer ?
Genre: Adventure Jungle
Characters: Lance Hale Un-named Cave-man And His Family

Comic Story (1 page)
Featuring: Chubby Chump
Synopsis: In a baseball game, with the manager threatening to trade him to another team, Chubby hits a long ball and rounds all the bases, sliding into home for an apparent home run. That is, until the ump tells him that he had yelled foul ball on the play!
Credits: Script: David B. Icove [as D. B. Icove] (signed) | Pencils: David B. Icove [as D. B. Icove] (signed) | Inks: David B. Icove [as D. B. Icove] (signed)
Genre: Humor Sports
Characters: Chubby Chump Un-named Umpire

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (2 pages)
Featuring: Daredevil
Synopsis: Illustrated publisher promotional advertisement for Daredevil Comics #2, with cover reproduced, on sale June 20, 1941, and featuring twelve smash features (some illustrated w/text blurbs).
Credits: Pencils: Charles Biro; various | Inks: Charles Biro; various | Letters: ?; most typeset
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil [Bart Hill] The Claw Nightro [Hugh Goddard] London [Marc Holmes] The Whirlwind [Terry Turner] The Pioneer The Bronze Terror [Jeff Dixon]

Comic Story (9 pages) Introducing Hale Battle
Featuring: Captain Battle
Synopsis: Captain Battle works feverishly in his lab, trying to turn the bewitched birdmen of the Black Dragon back into human beings. He succeeds with one of them, Major Ling Fu, who agrees to help the Captain against his foes, and together, they fly to the Dragon's Castle, and succeed in freeing the other birdmen from their bewitching. He discovers that one of the Deaglos is a young boy named Nathan Hale, who helps Battle fight the Thibetan Hoods, who capture young Hale and attempt to sacrifice him to their god Moko.
Credits: Script: Carl Formes (signed) | Pencils: Jack Binder (signed) | Inks: Jack Binder (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Captain Battle [Jonathan Hale] Hale Battle [formerly Nathan Hale Later Captain Battle Jr.] (introduction) The Black Dragon (villain) Deaglo Birdmen [Major Ling Fu] (villains, All Reform) The Thibetan Hoods (villains)

Text Story (3 pages) Boomerang! or The Bandit's Thwarted Revenge: Part 5
Featuring: The Silver Scout and His Horse Lucifer
Synopsis: The Scout and Lucifer answer to the screams of a young school teacher from Roaring Falls, kidnapped and being abused by the renegade bandito from Mexico, Rodrigo, but is promptly captured by the outlaw's men. They head for the bandit's camp on the American side of the border before journeying on to Mexico the next day and get roaring drunk. During the night, Rose is freed by a woman whose son was killed by Rodrigo, who then frees the Scout, who rounds up the bandit and his cut-throats.
Credits: Script: Carl Formes (signed) | Pencils: Jack Binder (Illustrations) | Inks: Jack Binder (Illustrations) | Letters: typeset
Genre: Western-frontier
Characters: The Silver Scout [originally Known As The Silver Ranger] Lucifer (the Scout's Horse) Rose (school Teacher) Manuel's Wife Un-named Sheriff Rodrigo (villain, Renegade Bandit)

Comic Story (5 pages) The Tolarian Kidnappers
Featuring: Cloud Curtis and His Golden Bullet
Synopsis: Cloud's friend, Lem, has invented a new type of bomb and Cloud agrees to test it, and if it is worthy, he'll talk to the Army about it. Before he can take off in the Golden Bullet, a news reporter informs Cloud that the U.S. Defense Co-ordinator has been kidnapped by the Tolarians, and Cloud is the only one to get him back safely without anyone being the wiser.
Credits: Script: Carl Formes (signed) | Pencils: Jack Binder (signed) | Inks: Jack Binder (signed)
Genre: Adventure Aviation
Characters: Cloud Curtis Lem Anderson "Crusher" McCoy "Pop" Whistler Mike (news Reporter) Co-ordinator Of Defense [Kutsden] Tolarians (villains)

Comic Story (5 pages) Captain Blooze's Whaler Scam
Featuring: The Pirate Prince
Synopsis: The Prince runs across Captain Blooz again, who tries to convince him that he no longer a slave-runner, but a whaler. But a fire aboard Blooz's ship reveals hidden slaves, and Blooz is captured and handed over to the slaves, who are returned to Africa by the Prince. As for Blooz, he becomes a slave to the ex-slaves.
Credits: Script: Dick Briefer [as Richard Norman] (signed) | Pencils: Dick Briefer [as Richard Norman] (signed) | Inks: Dick Briefer [as Richard Norman] (signed)
Genre: Adventure War
Characters: The Pirate Prince Captain Blooz (villain, Slave-runner)

Comic Story (4 pages) The Capture of Simon Girty
Featuring: Dan Dearborn
Synopsis: Dan is saved from torture by the Indians by Sam Girty, leader of the dreaded "White Savages", but discovers that Jerry has followed Dan and has been nabbed by Sam. He is able to save the boy and turn the tables on Girty's "White Savages" and they are captured.....but Sam somehow escapes.
Credits: Script: Walter Galli | Pencils: Bernard Klein [as Bernie] (signed) | Inks: Bernard Klein [as Bernie] (signed)
Genre: Historical
Characters: Dan Dearborn Jerry Scar-Face Dykes (villain, Mentioned Only) Simon Girty (villain) The Indians (villains)

Comic Story (5 pages) The Unbelievable Case of the Lady Killer!!
Featuring: Presto Martin Master of Quick Disguise
Synopsis: Presto must face and defeat a disguised, cloaked adversary who has taken to killing, beating and brutally murdering beautiful young girls.
Credits: Script: Bob Wood (signed) | Pencils: Bob Wood (signed) | Inks: Bob Wood (signed)
Genre: Adventure
Characters: Presto Bill Martin [also As The Lady Killer] Miss Kent (Martin's Secretary) Betty (actress) Jack Jenkins (sports Cartoonist, Betty's Boy Friend) Un-named Police Commissioner The Lady Killer (villain, Introduction)

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page) Here's Captain Battle!
Synopsis: Illustrated promotional advertisement, assuring readers that the good Captain himself will visit their neighborhood soon. But, in the meantime, they are to go to their local newsstand and pick up the newest issue of Captain Battle Comics, on sale June 27, 1941. Also, readers are asked whether or not they have joined Captain Battle's Boys' Brigade
Credits: Pencils: Jack Binder | Inks: Jack Binder
Characters: Captain Battle [Jonathan Battle]

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page)
Featuring: Daredevil Comics
Synopsis: Illustrated promotional advertisement asking readers to pick up the newest issue of Daredevil Comics (#2), on sale June 20, 1941.
Credits: Pencils: Charles Biro ? | Inks: Charles Biro ?
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil [Bart Hill]

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