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Silver Streak Comics 011 (diff ver)(all paper)

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Issue: #11
Published: June 1941, Price: 0.10 USD, Pages: 68, Editing: Lev Gleason
Color: Full Color Dimensions: Standard Golden Age U.S. Paper Stock: Glossy Cover; Newsprint Interior Binding: Saddle-Stitched Publishing Format: Was Ongoing
Notes: The on-sale date is from the publication date recorded in the Catalog of Copyright Entries, Part 2, Periodicals, 1941, New Series, Vol. 36, No. 2.
 Comic Contents:
Cover (1 page)
Featuring: Captain Battle
Credits: Pencils: ?; Don Rico (head of Daredevil and Claw at the top only) (signed) | Inks: ?; Don Rico (head of Daredevil and Claw at the top only) (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Captain Battle [Jonathan Battle] Daredevil [Bart Hill] (inset) The Claw (inset)

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page)
Featuring: Captain Battle's Boys' Brigade
Synopsis: Illustrated promotional advertisement for Captain Battle's new club, complete with stylized coupon to submit with 10 cents.
Credits: Pencils: Jack Binder | Inks: Jack Binder | Letters: typeset
Characters: Captain Battle [Jonathan Battle]

Comic Story (9 pages) Great Peril
Featuring: Capt. Battle
Synopsis: Jonathan is taken by surprise by the Deaglos in his laboratory, but falls unconscious through a trap door unseen. However, the strange birdmen succeed in securing some of Battle's inventions and kidnap Jane for good measure so that she can become the Queen for the Black Dragon.
Credits: Script: Carl Formes [as Formes] (signed) | Pencils: Jack Binder [as Binder] (signed) | Inks: Jack Binder [as Binder] (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Captain Battle [Jonathan Battle] Jane Lorrain The Black Dragon (villain) Deaglos (villains, Birdmen Of The Dragon)

Comic Story (9 pages) Daredevil vs. the Claw [Part 5]
Featuring: Daredevil versus the Claw
Synopsis: Frustrated by defeats at the hands of Daredevil, the Claw ventures to the inferno to seek Lucifer's aid against Daredevil. Lucifer agrees with one condition: if Daredevil wins again, then the Claw will be banished into Asia forever.
Credits: Script: Don Rico (signed) | Pencils: Don Rico (signed) | Inks: Don Rico (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil [Bart Hill] Tonia Saunders The Claw (villain) Lucifer The Genii (villain, Introduction) Genii's Monsters (villains, Many Die)

Text Story (1 page)
Featuring: Laffs
Synopsis: Series of 16 assorted gags, some illustrated, including a 4-panel strip.
Credits: Script: David B. Icove [as D. B. I.] (signed) | Pencils: David B. Icove [as D. B. I.] (signed) | Inks: David B. Icove [as D. B. I.] (signed) | Letters: typeset
Genre: Humor
Characters: Jones Smith Lenny Lenny's Dad Caesar (historical Character) Brutus (historical Character) Uncle Ned Joey Tommy Jed

Comic Story (5 pages) Bok, King of Slavers
Featuring: The Pirate Prince
Synopsis: Bok forces a local shipmaker to construct a special ship for his use in slave smuggling, but when he refuses, all of the shipmaker's fleet is destroyed by fire. He then agrees to build the ship with a double hull, that will effectively hide the whereabouts of slaves aboard the ship.....or so it is thought!
Credits: Script: Dick Briefer [as Richard Norman] (signed) | Pencils: Dick Briefer [as Richard Norman] (signed) | Inks: Dick Briefer [as Richard Norman] (signed)
Genre: Historical
Characters: The Pirate Prince Snad (a Shipmaker) Bok (villain, King Of The Slave Smugglers, Death) Pete (villain) Marp (villain)

Comic Story (1 page)
Featuring: Kelly the Cop
Synopsis: Kelly hears a commotion and finds Beansie and Felix going at it.
Credits: Script: Art Helfant (signed) | Pencils: Art Helfant (signed) | Inks: Art Helfant (signed) | Letters: Art Helfant
Genre: Humor
Characters: Kelly Felix Beansie The Bully (villain)

Comic Story (7 pages) Dickie Dean Boy Inventor Fights the Gadget Octopus
Featuring: Dickie Dean Boy Inventor
Synopsis: After saving the life of a young boy with his Sky Bug, Dickie speaks with the boy's father and comments that there is no safe play area for children in the community. When Dickie suggests using the old amusement park grounds as a possible site, Mr. Tagle gives the property to Dickie to fix up. However, the evil Professor Skinn intends to stop such efforts.
Credits: Script: Dick Wood ? | Pencils: Pierce Rice ? | Inks: Louis Cazeneuve ?
Genre: Adventure
Characters: Dickie Dean Zip Pete Tagle Jackie Tagle Professor Skinn [aka Professor Skin] (villain) Blubber (villain)

Comic Story (5 pages)
Featuring: Lance Hale
Synopsis: Lance follows natives and their kidnapped female back to a temple in the jungle, where she is to be sacrificed. Saving her from several perils, Lance and Nellie head back to her expedition.
Credits: Script: Fred Guardineer (signed) | Pencils: Fred Guardineer (signed) | Inks: Fred Guardineer (signed) | Letters: Fred Guardineer ?
Genre: Adventure Jungle
Characters: Lance Hale Nellie Lee Bill Natives (villains, Some Die) "Great One" (villain, A Man-eating Rat, Death)

Activity (1 page)
Featuring: Can You Answer These?
Synopsis: Nine illustrated puzzlers are given for the readers to answer, plus there is seven question intelligence quiz. All answers are provided.
Credits: Script: David B. Icove [as D. B. I.] (signed) | Pencils: David B. Icove [as D. B. I.] (signed) | Inks: David B. Icove [as D. B. I.] (signed)

Activity (1 page)
Featuring: Can You Solve These?
Synopsis: A baseball crossword puzzle is given for readers to solve (solution included), an illustrated "Barnyard Murder Mystery" is presented for readers to determine who the murderer is, and there are two mathematical illustrated problems for readers to solve.
Credits: Script: David B. Icove | Pencils: David B. Icove | Inks: David B. Icove
Characters: Ferdie Frog Slippery Snake Porky Pig Dirty Dog Dopey Duck (death) Rocky Rooster (villain)

Comic Story (5 pages) The Ghost of the Domino
Featuring: Presto Martin, Quick Change Artist
Synopsis: Before Domino went to the chair for his crimes, he threatened to come back and get his revenge on those who turned state's evidence on him. Presto sees a case in the making when three of the witnesses are murdered. When Martin and Murphy check on Domino's grave, it is empty, and Martin smells a rat: a member of Domino's gang, looking to kill off Domino's gang members in order to help himself to money Domino had stashed away.
Credits: Script: Bob Wood (signed) | Pencils: Bob Wood (signed) | Inks: Bob Wood (signed)
Genre: Adventure
Characters: Presto Martin [also As Domino And Scarface Klein] Sergeant Murphy (Policeman) Un-named Police Commissioner Daredevil [Bart Hill] (image In Newspaper) Domino (villain, Death) "Lucky" Rica (villain, Death) Slug (villain) Scarface Klein (villain) Pete Poulos (villain) Trigger Annand (villain)

Text Story (3 pages) The Red Scar, or, Prairie Justice Never Lags: Part 4
Featuring: Silver Ranger and His Wonder Horse Lucifer
Synopsis: The Ranger comes across a prospector who has just been fatally shot, but before he dies, he gives the Ranger a map to his gold mine that he had staked in his daughter's name. The Ranger tracks the killer to the town saloon and confronts him as the cur asks the saloon keeper to lock up two bags of gold dust. Out-numbered, the Ranger dashes out of the saloon right into the Sheriff, who, along with his deputies, rounds up Barker and the others.
Credits: Script: Carl Formes (signed) | Pencils: Jack Binder | Inks: Jack Binder | Letters: ?; most typeset
Genre: Historical Western-frontier
Characters: The Silver Ranger Lucifer (Ranger's Horse) Sam Leonard (prospector, Death) Sally Leonard (Sam's Daughter) Un-named Sheriff Slim Barker (villain)

Comic Story (5 pages) The Ripper
Featuring: Cloud Curtis and His Golden Bullet
Synopsis: Cloud must battle the threat of an international spy organization, who has sent their aircraft, termed The Ripper, to attack Army flying students. Cloud, Crusher and Pop attack the Ripper, but that plane's strong magnet holds the Golden Bullet in place and returns the aircraft to the spy's headquarters, from which Cloud and friends break out of their prison, man their plane and destroy the Ripper and crew.
Credits: Script: Carl Formes [as Formes] (signed) | Pencils: Jack Binder [as Binder] (signed) | Inks: Jack Binder [as Binder] (signed)
Genre: Aviation
Characters: Cloud Curtis "Crusher" McCoy "Pop" Whistler Scissors (villain, Death) Spike (villain, Death)

Comic Story (1 page) Western Justice
Featuring: Sheriff Jed
Synopsis: Jed accuses Snake of the murder of Dan Leary, but finds it difficult to prove it.
Credits: Script: David B. Icove [as D. B. Icove] (signed) | Pencils: David B. Icove [as D. B. Icove] (signed) | Inks: David B. Icove [as D. B. Icove] (signed)
Genre: Western-frontier
Characters: Jed (Sheriff) Dan Leary (death) Tubby Joe Walsh (death) Ed Smith (death) Snake (villain)

Comic Story (4 pages)
Featuring: Dan Dearborn, Freedom's Son
Synopsis: Dan and Jerry come upon a village in flames after an Indian raid and learn from one of the dying settlers that white men, led by a man named Girty, egged the Indians on to make the attack. Dan becomes a captive of the Indians and is slated to be burned at the stake when Girty shows up and Dan uses a ruse to save his life.
Credits: Script: Walter Galli | Pencils: Bernard Klein [as Bernie] (signed) | Inks: Bernard Klein [as Bernie] (signed)
Genre: Historical
Characters: Dan Dearborn Jerry Simon Girty (villain) The Indians (villains)

Comic Story (7 pages) Introducing Mercury, the Boy Streak
Featuring: Silver Streak , World's Fastest Man, and Whiz, King of Falcons
Synopsis: Having received the Medal of Honor from President Roosevelt, the Streak heads north to New York City, where he sees a boy being manhandled. He saves the boy and endows him with the same powers he has, while, elsewhere, mobster Dutch Bultz offers to pay Wang Fo $1 million if he can eliminate Silver Streak.
Credits: Script: Bob Wood (signed) | Pencils: Bob Wood (signed) | Inks: Bob Wood (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: The Silver Streak [un-named Taxi Cab Driver] Mercury, The Boy Streak [Mickey O'Toole] (introduction) Whiz (pet Falcon) Slugger O'Toole (Mickey's Father, Mentioned Only, Death) Riley (Policeman) Dutch Bultz [aka "The Racket King"] (villain, Mobster) Wang Fo [aka Wang Fu] (villain)

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page) Tops 'em All!
Featuring: Silver Streak Comics
Synopsis: Illustrated promotional; advertizement for Silver Streak Comics #12 (July, 1941) and the features found within its pages. Ad states the issue would go on sale June 5th (1941).
Credits: Pencils: Bob Wood (signed) | Inks: Bob Wood (signed) | Letters: ?; some typeset
Characters: The Silver Streak [un-named Taxi Cab Driver] Mercury [Mickey O'Toole] Whiz (pet Falcon) Cloud Curtis Captain Battle [Jonathan Battle] Presto Martin Dickie Dean Daredevil [Bart Hill] The Pirate Prince

Advertisement (1 page)
Synopsis: Illustrated advertizement by the Spencer Fireworks Company in Polk, Ohio, for its products, including selling its 1941 Young American Assortment, $6.45 worth of fireworks, for only $2.95. Wioth every order, the buyer will receive a 35 cent giftbox of Salutes free.
Credits: Letters: typeset

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